- How does muscle testing work?

The practitioner touches a specific reflex point and tests a muscle for strength. A reflex point that causes the muscle to weaken indicates a weakness in the system that is being checked.

- Can you bill my insurance?

I do bill Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance for car accident injury treatments and Labor & Industries for work related injuries. If you have a health care reimbursement account, you can use those funds. I do not accept health insurances.

- I have had massage therapy and physical therapy and only experienced temporary relief – how would Kinesthetic Restoration be different?

Many massage therapists and physical therapists focus on the musculoskeletal system when working with pain symptoms. Your physical therapist might have determined that certain muscles are weak and given you exercises to strengthen them. Your massage therapist might have found certain muscles to be tight and sore and used a variety of massage techniques to help those muscles relax. As a Kinesthetic Restoration practitioner I aim to identify and correct the underlying cause of the weakness. Weakness, pain and tightness resolve once the true cause is eliminated.

- Would Kinesthetic Restoration be helpful for work-related injuries?

Frequently, work injuries do not heal because of underlying problems. Addressing the underlying problem will allow healing to happen, and will also reduce the chance of re-injury.

- I was in a car accident. How can Kinesthetic Restoration help me?

Preexisting weaknesses can cause injuries to be more severe. For example, a person with stomach problems would likely suffer a more severe whiplash, as his/her neck muscles would be less able to stabilize the neck during the accident. Kinesthetic Restoration will enable the body to heal faster and on a deeper level.

- Do you do other types of bodywork?

For general relaxation I offer Swedish massage, or a combination of Swedish massage and craniosacral therapy. I also offer manual lymphatic drainage for lymph edema treatment.

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