Dagmar has worked as a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1991. She grew up in Germany and has lived in Olympia since 1986. She received her initial massage training at Brenneke School of Massage in Seattle, and has taken advanced therapy classes all over the U.S., in Germany and Canada.

Looking for ways to better understand the physiology of her client’s problems and to achieve lasting results, Dagmar studied advanced injury assessment and treatment with Susan Rosen and Ben Benjamin through the Muscular Therapy Institute of Boston, and Craniosacral Therapy. Her bodywork career took an unexpected turn when she was introduced to muscle testing. Muscle testing uses the client’s muscles to communicate directly with the brain, accessing information about the nature and underlying cause of any injury or symptom. Dagmar studied a variety of muscle testing based modalities, including Neurolink, Ener-Chi, and OneBrain.

Starting in 2009, Dagmar began intensive training in Visceral Manipulation and Neural Manipulation through the Barral Institute, allowing her to work with body systems that are not commonly addressed by other manual therapy professionals. She is now a teaching assistant for the Barral Institute. She loves the precision, gentleness, and effectiveness of visceral work.

Over the years she has synthesized the different approaches into a system that combines her extensive knowledge of physiology with experienced touch and creative thinking:

“Clients frequently describe my work as intuitive - I don’t see it as that. To me it is comparable to operating a touch screen – if you watch for the first time as someone swiftly moves their fingers over a screen, rapidly changing images and accessing different information, it will look miraculous. It is, however, based on technology, and the person’s knowledge of a manual. In the same way, my work is grounded in precise functional and neuro-physiology, and my knowledge of how to access information about your body from your brain. The only miracle is your body. My work is a dialogue with your brain and your body, and I’m always curious and fascinated by what we learn.”


I’m not sure what you did, but it worked. After being kicked by soccer cleats, my Achilles tendon hurt for a year. Whenever I ran, I ended up limping. Neither rest nor physical therapy helped. After three Kinesthetic Restoration sessions, I am finally able to play soccer pain free.

I wanted to let you know that your post surgery massage has done more for me than two physical therapists and months of exercises. The treatment eliminated the pain in my back and gave me freedom of movement I have not had for months. I am impressed with the way you do assessments - I have not experienced that with any other massage therapist.

I was unable to walk or run without pain. My knee was so large I was unable to wear my jeans comfortably. I had several tests, including an MRI and x-rays, without a clear diagnosis. Several rounds of physical therapy provided no relief. I was told by an orthopedic surgeon that I would probably need knee replacement surgery within a year. After four Kinesthetic Restoration sessions, I was back to running twice a week and hiking with my kids on weekends. It was truly amazing!

I have seen a huge improvement in my race times. I am more confident racing knowing you are part of my preparation/training regimen.

Dagmar treated me for balance and vision problems after a severe concussion. Her gentle and effective work greatly helped to restore my physical and emotional equilibrium.

I want to say thank you for a good night's sleep last night. After your treatment, I slept without the back pain for the first time after the accident. I've been getting treatments such as chiropractor, acupuncture and massage, but they don't seem to be working.

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